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Tampa Sailing Squadron is a private, member-owned sailing club located in Apollo Beach, Florida.
Members enjoy many activities such as club racing, regattas, cruising and many other social events.
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From the Helm

What a challenging 2 weeks!  Thanks to a bit of luck and a lot of hard work from the membership, the state of the Squadron is strong.

With the extreme low water during the storm a number of the boats on the main dock had their lines stretched tight.  As the water came back in with the passing of Irma we found a number of boats that were scrapping pilings.  Fortunately we had a group TSS members making adjustments to lines before we had significant damage.

The clubhouse and grounds had been prepared by Oscar and the HAT team as well as a number of other members prior to Irma's arrival.  Because of this preparation and Irma's weakening we have very little damage at the Squadron.  Two of our Elm trees in the parking area were blown over and one of those trees broke our water main.

Len Burkstresser, Gregg and Martha Bindshedler, Paul Philips, Herb and Claire Whittnebert, Dan Roberts, Bharat Patel over the last 2 days have been able to successfully raise and brace the Elm trees.

The water main was found to be more challenging but a plan is in place to repair it this Saturday morning.  Len is looking for volunteers tomorrow, September 16th, at 0830 to assist with fixing the water main.  There are also branches, palm fronds and various pieces of debris around the grounds that need to be picked up.

If at all possible please come down to help.

If you know of someone or a group of members that have helped the Squadron in the last 2 weeks please email me so I can thank them personally.

Thank you,

Dan Kresge
Tampa Sailing Squdron