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Tampa Sailing Squadron is a private, member-owned sailing club located in Apollo Beach, Florida.
Members enjoy many activities such as club racing, regattas, cruising and many other social events.
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Club Racing News and Updates

Tampa Bay Area calendar     

Next race in the Club PHRF Series will be on June 3,2017

Skippers meeting on the porch at 1pm. Race starts at 2pm

Snacks and results at 5:30 on porch.

After the race on the 22nd. Shrew and Flying Tiger are leading in the series. Low Tide has dropped to second on a tie break.  We need more racers to come out and challenge them..

The race on May 6th. was canceled due to wind.  18 gusting to over 24 knots.  And we had more boats in the water ready to race than at any other time this Spring.  Too bad for us, but the rules make it clear that we can't race in those conditions.

We have rule changes for this series.  First, the course for the non-spinnaker is around the buoys. The course for spinnaker is upwind/downwind. Either course can be changed by a majority of the racers that day.  Skipper must declare which class they will sail in for the entire Spring Series. Time limit for the buoy course is two and a half hours.  For the u/d course only four races a day max. with no race to start after 3:59PM. High point scoring will be used along with time on time handicap. There are no throw outs, and you must have a PHRF certificate to win spin, or non-spin classes.  All others will be in Mother Load class.

Please come out and enjoy the racing.