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Tampa Sailing Squadron is a private, member-owned sailing club located in Apollo Beach, Florida.
Members enjoy many activities such as club racing, regattas, cruising and many other social events.
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TSS Honors and Awards

Tom Corr Memorial

This award is given annually to that TSS member who, in the opinion of the Commodore was most helpful during the Commodore's Watch. Tom Corr is memorialized for his strong support of the Tampa Sailing Squadron. Mr. Corr's most significant contribution to the Club was the Deed of Gift of one and one-half acres of property that constitutes the heart of Club facilities. TSS would not be what it is without this contribution.

 David Jones
 Suzy Dupuis
 Bruce Gocek
 Bruce Gocek
 Marge Bothwell
 Jim Bothwell
 Charlie Bruno
 Frank Ciufia
 Pat Austin
 Greg Johnson
 David Squier
 Greg Johnson
 William Friar
 Dennis Brown
Melissa Nicholson
 Jim Bothwell
2014-2015  Don Swartz
2015-2016  Dan Felz 
2018-2019  Ed Plotts

Commodore's Trophy for Distinguished Service

Donald W. Bingham
Claude Desmond
William J. Hatch
George B. Waite
William D. Schmitz
Gert Hewitt
Greg Johnson
Gert Hewitt
Gerry Millholen
John Garwood
Diane Ranalli
Claude Desmond
Bob Wicklund
Morris Hammond
Charles Lapp
Shireen Tripp
Bob Wicklund
Dave Squier
Jim Bothwell
Bruce Gocek
Ruth Chatterton
Sally Reid
Herb Maquire

Val Earle Perpetual Trophy

The Val Earle Perpetual Trophy is awarded to the member of the Tampa Sailing Squadron who has made the greatest contribution to the Squadron. Monetary contributions shall not be considered. The recipient of this trophy shall be judged on his or her unselfish willingness to devote his or her time, energy and talent to the benefit of the Squadron's membership and toward the perpetuation and advancement of the Squadron in fulfilling its purpose. Among the requirements are: This trophy shall not be awarded to an officer, while that officer is holding office. The recipient shall be judged on A. The interest shown in the Tampa Sailing Squadron; B. Attendance at the Squadron's functions;  C. Willingness to devote their time and efforts toward the various requirements; D. Efforts toward the perpetuation and advancement of the Squadron. This trophy shall be retained until such time that a new nominee has made contributions to the Squadron equal to or greater than the original recipient.

1970 Lloyd Bird
1971 Lloyd Bird
1972 Gertrude Hewitt
1973 Armand Rosas
1974 George Pierce
1975 Victor Solomon
1976 Jim Bates
1977 Claude Desmond
1978 John Cascion, Jr.
1980 Claude Desmond
1981 Claude Desmond
1982 Diane Ranalli
1983 George Waite
1984 Heinz Cornberg
1985 Steve Brownell
1986 Jack Hewitt
1987 Skip Carter
1988 Tom Inglis
1989 Mack Towne
1990 Gertrude Hewitt
1991 Eric Eisele
1992 Morris Hammond
1993 Sally Millican
1994 Bob Wicklund
1995 Peggy Squier
1996 Mary Freeman
1997 Jim Bothwell
1998 Bruce Gocek
1999 Jim Bothwell
2000 Sally Millican
2001 Gene Dinisio
2002 Robert Bettinger
2003 Robert L. Sardo
2004 David Squier
2005 Jack Regar
2006 Susan Bishop
2007 Susan Bishop
2008 Pat Austin
2009 Don Fletchall
2010 Greg Johnson
2011 Charlie Talkington
2012 Robert Verney
2013 Julie Stocksdale
2014 Eric Nodland
2016 Steve Hodge
2018 Steve Hodge